10 signs your friend isn’t really your friend

  • You’re the one always asking to hang out
  • Your “friend” never asks about what’s going on in your life?
  • Your “friend” always make excuses why they can’t meet up with you
  • You’re friend only talks to you via text, and responds with a delay
  • You’re the one always planning fun things to do
  • Your “friend” always backs out at the last minute
  • There’s no excitement when you haven’t seen each other for a long period of time, even if It’s weeks or years
  • Your “friend” never helped when you needed it most
  • The only time your “friend” talks to you is when they need something from you
  • Your “friend” criticizes you and doesn’t accept you for the exact way you are

Episode 1: Reject Corporate America

Free Spirits – we need to reject the idea that we need to be part of the miserable lifestyle Corporate America provides in order to make a living.

I’m sick of the idea that you go to college, end up being over $100K in debt, while struggling to pay bills in the process, to be part of a culture that sucks the living soul out of you. It’s beyond wrong. To make things worse, we spend 30 to 40 years in Corporate America and the light at the end of the tunnel is retirement – that’s a hurtful life. This has to change, people. The first step is rejecting the thought that this is the way it has to be done. Continue reading “Episode 1: Reject Corporate America”