Where to look to find your purpose?

Having a purpose is important for most people. It provides people with motivation and a reason to live. And no one should ever belittle your quest to find a purpose.


But I challenge each of you to don’t ask, what is my purpose. I challenge you to go out and find your purpose.


But how?


I think it’s simpler than what people make it out to be. Just Follow your passions.


Look. Life is short. It’s no point wasting it doing something we have to muster up the energy to do. Sure. There are things in the world that we HAVE to do in the name of responsibility. But anything that takes a lot of time doing, like a job, would fulfill us if based on …


The Only True Religion is Love

I’ve always been spiritual. I was raised a Christian. My mother is a devoted Christian and never passes the opportunity to teach me about Christianity. Growing up I attended church every Sunday and even sung on the children’s choir. As I grew I questioned my beliefs, and I faded away from following organized religion. Questioning what we were taught is necessary to the development of our core. I find it foolish having a specific belief just because you were raised to think that way.

Life is about the discovery, and spirituality is no different. If you follow the same traditions your whole life, then what are you discovering? It’s okay to be different, to stray away from the things you were taught.  You are your own individual with your own …


How to stop worrying so much

Worrying kills! I worried about everything, big or small, before I learned to stop it. The smallest issue in my life would be magnified by 1000%. It was insane. Whenever I made a big life decision, I would spend days worrying that the worst possible situation was going to happen. It never did me any good because I allowed my fears to prevent me from doing the things I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I started getting literally sick to my stomach of worrying all of the time that I knew I had to stop killing myself. And I did make that change.

let loose

5 things a 5-year-old can teach us

“Play” by yourself

Kids know how to have fun when no one is around; they figure out what to do. Sure, they enjoy being around other kids, but they have just as much fun alone.

Entertainment doesn’t cost much

I bought my daughter a $200 princess castle and she loved the box it came in. Kid’s imaginations are amazing. They can create all sorts of things with inexpensive materials. My daughter turned that box into a race car, a bed, and then an animal shelter. If you’re wondering, the actual castle is now collecting dust in the basement.

If they like it, they stick with it

Kids don’t have the need to have the latest gadgets or the see the next big Disney movie. If they like an activity, like …