Get Nude and Love Yourself

The human body is God’s most beautiful piece of art. Just think about it: the creator of the universe designed our human vessels, so it’s no wonder we have a strong emotions when looking at a nude human body. But being nude is more than stroking our sexual energy. The nude body gives us a source of comfort and power.

Get nude and fall in love with your body. Accept the way you were designed and you will find comfort in the body you are in. Once you find acceptance with your human vessel you will soon realize the great power that resides within you.

5 Ways Meditation Will Change Your Life

Medication was something I thought only weird people did, but after a tumultuous 2014 I turned to meditation to fix my life, and it did.

In 2014 I died an emotional death. So many things went wrong that made me emotionally numb. I had problems with my marriage, career, health, and finances that all came crashing together making life appear unbearable. I slipped further into my depression and alcoholism, and I shut down mentally and emotionally. I couldn’t connect to anything, my kids, my wife, my job, or even to myself. I was completely lost.

I contemplated going to a therapist, but ultimately decided to give meditation a try so I went into my basement and started meditating. I quickly connected to it and found myself meditating every chance that I could find for three months straight. I meditated as soon as I woke up, while eating breakfast, during my drive to work, during my lunch break, during my drive home from work, and at night after putting my kids to bed. After three months, I started to feel like I was transforming into a completely new person. I didn’t know if it was good or bad, but since I realized I had greater focus and discipline to lose weight I didn’t question if I was overdoing it. I was reborn because I saw life and people differently, and I knew things were going to be completely different from hereon out.

Meditation works. It will change you at your core because it allows you to loosen your connections to the things you are emotionally attached to. That will inevitably open you up, exposing your true self. You will begin to know yourself.

Below I discuss other life altering changes that will happen as a result of consistent meditation.

  1.   You fully embrace who you are. Meditation leads to self-respect because as you get to know and get comfortable with yourself you will fall in love with yourself.
  2.   You might be less tolerating of people. Meditation gives you peace of mind and as result you won’t tolerate people who prevents you from maintaining your peace of mind. You may come to realize that people are full of shit in their fake realities and you don’t want to waste unnecessary time dealing with people’s fake reality bullshit.
  3.   You might be more tolerating of people. Conversely, you might be sympathetic to people because you know they are enslaved beings. Enslaved to their emotions and mental attachments.
  4.   You will care less with what people think about you – As a result of meditating, your inner voice is strengthened and you will care less about the external voices that is full of judgment and criticism because your inner voice will be louder than it ever has been. You will become more confident and sure with the decisions you make for yourself and you won’t concern yourself with the perception other people have of you. This is type of freedom is beautiful.
  5.   You will have emotional control – Meditation gave me complete control over my emotions. Things that had been bothering me no longer do. I am more forgiving to quickly release anger and I am able to control my excitement for things such as food, which helped me lose over 50 pounds.

Podcast: There’s a God With You & You Don’t Even Know It

First let me say that self-discovery is real shit. I’m one spiritual being who is talking to another fucking spiritual being. Below is a new podcast on unleashing the God that is within You.

There’s a God within you but sadly you are probably too “stuck” believing in this reality bullshit to realize it. I guarantee once you unveil the God within, you will realize the incredible power you have that is so powerful it can alter your life in any direction you desire. The good news is that you already know this truth, we all know the truth, but it is held deep within our consciousness.

Once you unveil the power within you will naturally attract what you desire. The universe, or God, that is inside you is now aligned with the universe that external. You are now blended and more connected and in tuned. With a higher level of understanding, patience, and focus, you will be more conscious in how you create your life and the world around you, accepting your place in the universe.

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Key Messages from this podcast:











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There is a God within you and you don’t even know it.

Self-discovery is real shit.

There’s a God within you but sadly you are probably too “stuck” believing in this reality bullshit to realize it. I guarantee once you unveil the God within, you will realize the incredible power you have that is so powerful it can alter your life in any direction you desire. The good news is that you already know this truth, we all know the truth, but it is held deep within our consciousness.

The truth about who you are is covered with what I call the “fake reality bullshit”. Our outer consciousness is very much plugged into this world to get the human experience. Our fake identities are created based on our beliefs, or thoughts, and attachments, or connections, and our human vessels, or bodies. All of that can be created with what I unscientifically call, fake reality bullshit, because we have a true identity underneath our bodies and our conscious minds. Essentially, the fake reality bullshit is our earthly identities.

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New Podcast: The I Don’t Give A Fuck Attitude

If you care about external opinions, if you are a people-pleaser, or if you are hurt when people say negative things about you, then this podcast is for you. Because in this podcast you will learn about the I Don’t Give A Fuck Attitude. 

In this podcast you will learn that self-love should be the basis of having a healthy “I don’t give a fuck attitude”, or IDGAF-A for short. It will be more profound, natural, and powerful. You won’t seek revenge with the world that caused you so much emotional pain because you will have respect for the human experience and yourself. When self-love is absent, anger and resentment are the drivers of the IDGAF-A and it will show as you interact with the people and world around you. 

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The I Don’t Give A F*** Attitude

I have a natural mental defense mechanism called the “I Don’t Give A Fuck Attitude”, or IDGAF-A for short. Many people have it, but even a greater amount of people lack it. If you have the IDGAF-A, congratulations you are well on your way to release the true inner-power that resides within you, but keep reading because even people who have this defense mechanism could be channeling it the wrong way, which prevents you from unleashing your inner-power.

This post will help you properly develop the IDGAF-A from the soul.

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Quick Thought on the Attachment to our Family History

Every race needs to read this.

People are so caught up in their fake realities. Some allow the pride for their past ancestors make them believe they are superior by birthright, or some allow the mistreat of their past ancestors to make them feel inferior that eats away at their self-respect and dignity. Let the belief that you are defined by the past go. Everyday is a new day for you to start fresh and create a new reality. You are not your past; you are so much more, and it’s time to realize it.

On some lighter news: I updated the “About” section on the website. Go check it out.

Podcast: First Step To Release Your True Inner Power

New podcast released.

I am dedicated to helping you free your mind so you can realize the true inner power you have. In this podcast I discuss the first step you should take to uncover your true identity and become the powerful being that you are. Keep scrolling below, I included key quotes from this podcast. Also, please be sure to go to itunes to subscribe and download.

Her are the key quotes from this podcast:


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Negative People

I find it hard to be around negative people because I don’t attach well to them. My mind naturally stays away because I don’t want anyone to alter my peace of mind. When my true self was uncovered through finding inner freedom, I dropped negative people from my life effortlessly and it felt like that was something I should have done a much longer time ago.