Simple Message About Death

I told someone about my blog and what I was doing with it. He told me that it sounded like I was starting my own religion. I didn’t look at it that way, but when I think about religion, I think about how it does a great job comforting people about death.

So then I pondered: what do I think about death?

No one ever came down to tell me what happens in the afterlife, and I’m way too busy experiencing this world to worry about it. But this is what I do know: people impact our lives. Ever day when we interact with people, they are shaping and reshaping us, guiding us, strengthening and weakening our human connections. And when a loved one passes away we feel the sudden disconnect that leaves us feeling sad.

Every person has an impact on us. And the people closest to us are the people who are most responsQuick Thoughts About Deathible for shaping our reality. The experiences you are getting largely depend on the connection you have with the people close to you. So they are part of you. And the part from them that is connected to you does not end after a loved one dies. That part stays with you and is stilling helping to guide you through this human experience. So in a sense, they are still very much alive within you.

We are all connected, people. And that’s a very beautiful, intricate, complex design from something.

The connection to your worrying thoughts

Worrying is connecting to the idea that something bad will happen. It’s a lot like having expectations. You connect to an idea of what is going to happen and you allow that thought to impact your current state of mind and behavior. It causes sadness, depression, and anxiety all because of expectations.

However, it is possible to think something bad is going to happen and not connect to that thought. Thinking something does not necessarily mean you are connect to it, but you know you are connected to a thought based on your emotions. Our lives are dictated by our connections. Controlling your connections controls your emotions, and ultimately controls your behavior. Our mind controls our connections and our mind seeks out things that make us feel comfortable. We connect to our worrying thoughts to prevent us from doing something that may make us feel uncomfortable. For example, I use to have terrible fear of presenting to a large group of people. I would worry that I would make a mistake and look foolish. My mind, by design, was only trying to protect me as I continue on with my human experience and keep me in my comfort zone. Through my experiences I learned to not put so much trust in my mind because while my mind is guiding and protecting me, keeping me in my comfort zone hinders the valuable experiences I can have. Being comfortable will prevent us from getting other life changing experiences.

It’s not wrong and it’s not right.

To move past worrying, you can do two things:

  1. Not trust your mind any longer. Know that your mind loves you unconditionally but it is guided with the purpose of trying to find you comfort. Seeking comfort delays the change needed in our lives to get an enriching human experience. Make a conscious decision to not listen to what your mind is telling you. Be consciously aware you’re your mind is lying to you to protect you. This may help you keep the right perspective as you deal with the things you worry about.
  1. Reduce the connection you have to negative thoughts. Where we place our energy dictates the intensity to our connections. You can either place your energy connecting to the idea that something bad will happen or you can connect to something else. For example, before giving a presentation I don’t allow my emotions to connect to the idea that I will make a huge mistake and, conversely I don’t connect to the idea that I will do a great job. My connections are not based on any sort of fantasy or expectations, but I connect to the message of my presentation. I focus on the ideas that I am trying to convey. I am connecting to the actual content of the presentation and how best to deliver it. So this makes me want to reread the presentation and think of funny jokes before going on stage, instead of wasting energy worrying so much that I forget to appropriately prepare.

Whatever you focus your energy on is what you will be connected to.

If you are a big time worrier, that’s okay. It is what it is. Just know that your human experience is based on the thoughts you connect to. While it may go unnoticeable, a big change could be in store for you once you decide to detach yourself from worrying thoughts.

The impact of expectations on the human experience

We are capable to connecting to anything, including people, events, places, and even thoughts and beliefs. Having expectations is simply a thought of what is going to happen. As we connect to our thoughts, a bond is created, which is signaled thru our emotions.

My spiritual belief is that we are created to get the human experience. We were designed to experience, connect, and seek comfort. The human mind expects. It’s how we were designed. We naturally expect because it provides us comfort. Having an idea of what is going to happen is better than not knowing what is going to happen. Uncertainty gives discomfort. And that is not what our mind wants for us. This is why I tend to not trust my mind. I know by design it is doing the best it can to protect, guide, and comfort me, but it latches on to anything that gives me comfort, and thru my experiences I learned that can be very good or very bad.

Our connections shape us, so the beliefs that we connect to shape us, and furthermore our expectations which are nothing more than beliefs shape us. By design – our mind is guided to seek comfort thru what we are connected to and protect us from discomfort by controlling our connections. But the bond we create with our expectations isn’t real – what we think is going to happen is just a fantasy, but our mind tricked us into thinking it’s part of our reality just because we don’t want to have uncertainty. Additionally, because of the connection we developed our emotions are involved. For example, a friend gives me cash to pay for lunch. The reality is that a friend gave me cash to pay for lunch. The reality based on our perspective is that my friend is always there for me because he gave gave me cash to pay for lunch. Our human minds, constantly seeking connections, created a bond to a friend based on the expectation that the friend will always be there for him or her in a future state. As I have seen many times, having this sort of expectation about a friend can lead to disappointment.

Let’s say what we expect to happen actually happen. You will feel slightly comforted that you were able to “predict” what was going to happen. It reassures your reality and that’s what the mind wants. Your mind is there to protect you and keep you in experiencing your reality, which is your comfort. Now let’s say what we expect to happen doesn’t happen. The bond you created severed, leaving you confused, disappointed, and maybe even angry, because your reality has just been disproven.

I’m not here to discuss wrong or right. I am simply here to discuss what impacts our human experience and expectations most certainly impact it. If you live your life expecting much and if that’s your basis of your reality, then so be it. I am not here to judge or criticize anyone. Accepting people for what they are is the basis of my spiritual belief.

The best thing we can do is to be consciously aware when we bond to our expectations. We have to be aware that the bond we created is not based on something that is happening but what we think will happen, in a future state, that we created as our reality. And we should try to learn from it. But even that is dangerous because it’s not like the lesson we learned is the truth. The lesson we learned is still from our perspective, of our interpretation of the true reality. That’s why it’s good to have someone who has a completely different perspective than you to talk with you. For example, let’s say a white man expected a job promotion that didn’t happen because it was given to someone who happened to be black instead. The lesson from the white man’s perspective is that he didn’t get the promotion because of affirmative action. So from his perspective he thinks to not expect to receive promotions because affirmative action is making things difficult for him. But when he talks to another co-worker he discovers that the black man who received the promotion worked on a project that saved the company money and was rewarded with a promotion. Now the white person’s perspective changed. He learns that if he’s able to save the company money, that will increase the likelihood of a promotion.

Just have an understanding how your expectations impact your life and decide for yourself if it’s providing you the type of human experience you want to be receiving.

Freedom is my religion

I keep every aspect of my life simple including my spirituality. Someone asked me today what religion did I follow. I said I don’t know what fucking religion I follow. Yes I do. I told him I didn’t know maybe because I felt like I wasn’t ready to discuss it.

I don’t focus so much on the afterlife. Living a good life on earth just to have a wonderful afterlife isn’t as appealing to me as maybe it should be. I use to connect to the idea that I will go to heaven if I were a good, little Christian boy. I prayed. I felt guilt when I sinned. I was ashamed to even masturbate because I thought God would be angry that I did such a thing. And no, that still didn’t prevent me from masturbating. It just prevented me from feeling happy moments after I cleaned myself up.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am still highly spiritual. I do believe with my entire being that there is a powerful force that loves me unconditionally. And if I believe that force loves me unconditionally, I don’t see a reason for it not to love anyone else any less. There have been moments in life that I feel without a shadow of a doubt that God revealed himself to me, from having powerful dreams that guided me to having my prayers instantly answered. I know there is a force out there that is pure love and energy.

For the most part, people’s religions have been determined for them based on the family they were born into. A young human mind, so empty and ready to soak up anything and everything, latches on to what’s been told to them. All with the purpose of forming their perspective, their reality, to dictate the type of experiences they will receive. But then, there are some people, free spirits in every sense of the words, people like me, who challenge fucking everything. They breakaway from certain traditions and beliefs that don’t align with the experiences they’ve had. They no longer try to put their experiences into their religious beliefs, but rather create their own beliefs based on their own experiences. They decide to be open, accepting, non judgmental to formulate their core beliefs. Their minds as result becomes free. Freedom – it’s a powerful thing. And as a result, like other free spirits, I can finally say that freedom is my religion.

A spiritual discussion about pornography

Being designed by God, why would God get upset with me for being horny? God probably enjoys watching us have sex. And with that I must ask, is porn really a bad thing?

I first have to provide a general explanation that explains our human purpose. The purpose of life is to experience this world in the human form. Our deeper form, what I have decided to call our souls, is highly connected to our source, or what other people call God or Higher Power. Being in our human forms cause us to be fairly disconnected from our source, which is pure love, energy and peace. Knowing and needing that peace, our deeper levels search for this comfort and peace as we experience this world. We can get it in many types of ways but sex is one of the most powerful ways for humans to gain comfort and connections.

We get comfort in this world through our connections. Connecting is just what humans do. We connect to thoughts, places, people and things. We connect through our minds with our thoughts and our bodies through our senses. Choosing not to discuss spirituality in the sense of judging what is right and what is wrong, watching porn is something humans connect to as part of the human experience.

We are sexual beings who desire to connect via sex. That is one of the most powerful connections human can experience and a connection humans should experience. Sexual connections are so powerful that we even connect to sex thru our minds, in our fantasies. Just looking at other people in sexual acts arouse without actually be part of the sexual act. That is the power of a mental connection, something our human minds were designed to do. Our sexual desires are part of the human experience and if our desires aren’t being comforted in reality, we will seek to comfort through our minds.

My spirituality is based on the acceptance of what is. Our source is nothing but love, unconditional love. I believe that the source loves all of us unconditionally and wants us to have a fulfilling human experience. I believe we should be able to fulfill those desires if respect is giving to others and the fulfillment of those desires do not cause discomfort to others.

Of course watching pornography is highly addicting, but there are many things we enjoy as human beings that can become addicting. Some addictions we have accepted to be normal parts of lives. To maximize the benefits of this human experience, the key is to monitor how strongly connected you are to your connections and assess if it is within the appropriate levels the best suits you.

Ultimately what I’m trying to do is open people’s minds. Allow people to explore their sexuality and be comfortable with how they receive pleasure, and free from guilt. Essentially enjoy doing what you enjoy doing if you are respecting others and not being the source of anyone’s discomfort.