A spiritual discussion about pornography

Being designed by God, why would God get upset with me for being horny? God probably enjoys watching us have sex. And with that I must ask, is porn really a bad thing?

I first have to provide a general explanation that explains our human purpose. The purpose of life is to experience this world in the human form. Our deeper form, what I have decided to call our souls, is highly connected to our source, or what other people call God or Higher Power. Being in our human forms cause us to be fairly disconnected from our source, which is pure love, energy and peace. Knowing and needing that peace, our deeper levels search for this comfort and peace as we experience this world. We can get it in many types of ways but sex is one of the most powerful ways for humans to gain comfort and connections.

We get comfort in this world through our connections. Connecting is just what humans do. We connect to thoughts, places, people and things. We connect through our minds with our thoughts and our bodies through our senses. Choosing not to discuss spirituality in the sense of judging what is right and what is wrong, watching porn is something humans connect to as part of the human experience.

We are sexual beings who desire to connect via sex. That is one of the most powerful connections human can experience and a connection humans should experience. Sexual connections are so powerful that we even connect to sex thru our minds, in our fantasies. Just looking at other people in sexual acts arouse without actually be part of the sexual act. That is the power of a mental connection, something our human minds were designed to do. Our sexual desires are part of the human experience and if our desires aren’t being comforted in reality, we will seek to comfort through our minds.

My spirituality is based on the acceptance of what is. Our source is nothing but love, unconditional love. I believe that the source loves all of us unconditionally and wants us to have a fulfilling human experience. I believe we should be able to fulfill those desires if respect is giving to others and the fulfillment of those desires do not cause discomfort to others.

Of course watching pornography is highly addicting, but there are many things we enjoy as human beings that can become addicting. Some addictions we have accepted to be normal parts of lives. To maximize the benefits of this human experience, the key is to monitor how strongly connected you are to your connections and assess if it is within the appropriate levels the best suits you.

Ultimately what I’m trying to do is open people’s minds. Allow people to explore their sexuality and be comfortable with how they receive pleasure, and free from guilt. Essentially enjoy doing what you enjoy doing if you are respecting others and not being the source of anyone’s discomfort.